Monday, April 5, 2010

children activities

Feel so free

alif and akif really have fun

give me the pipe, I really need it !!!!!!!

I am so peace

Home made cake

On the 27th March is a meaningful day for me, Shimah came to my house teaching me to make her own recipes of a very delicious cake name 'cheese chocolate cake'. Frankly speaking the cake is so delicious. The activity starts around 4.30 p.m. Siti Hajar my colleague also join the class. We really have fun during the lesson. Thank you so much shimah. However the activity turn to my husband birthday party and I would like to take this opportunity to wishing my husband ‘Happy Birthday and always loving you’. Not for a birthday wishing but I want you to know that I always pray for you, hoping that you always in a good health, hoping your dreams become true, Prosperity and May Allah bless you Abang. I hope that you can be a good husband and dad for our children. M.T.O.N.O Lynn

Sunday, November 22, 2009



Me and Nanny JU

Damia with her ballon

Ayah with acara kepit bola



second place ' cari gula-gula dalam tepung

semangat nampak


We having Fun.... last Saturday. Tabika Sri Inai having a 'SUKANEKA'. Thanks to teacher Rozita and Pn Siti persons who conduct this fun tournament. Teacher Rozita want to build closed relationship between student parents, teacher and children itself.

Unfortunately we are late…. As we reach at school ‘first game which is ‘carry pin pong ball in the spoon’ just over, the game should be syasya game. Saysya with brave and eager to join the game, run to the teacher. Teacher Rozita placed her with ‘bead arrange game’ Since I have to take care Damia and Fathiah, as well Rubil need to find parking … we miss to watch the syasya games. She only show her card from far telling me that she get a second place… No picture taken.

However the games become more interesting and lively when parents take part in games… Rubil join ‘find candy in flour’, he get second place. A sporting from student parents to join the game, make the surrounding lively and happening. Laugh, cheer and passion make a wonderful environment. Thank you to Nanny Ju, spending her time to watch these fun games. Thank you to teacher and and all committee involved.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I’m in love. The feelings never lied to me. I can feel when he is not around. I can feel when I can’t see him every morning. Sometime the feeling goes without thinking people beside us, but whenever she or he is not around, we will miss the time. I miss him, jokes, tease and our quarrel. Really miss the moment. Now I am understand how hard for me to leave alone without him. Especially our kids really missing their ‘ayah’ so much. Almost every day asking when ‘ayah’ will come back, always ask me what is the day…How important the parent to make a complete family. So the needs to take care of the family and knowing the important of loves in family will make parents will always in love in order to have a loving, caring and sharing happy family.Amin.